Why I joined OneMarketData

You’ve got to put the past behind you, Forrest Gump’s Mama quipped, a sentiment a share considering my recent departure from Progress and the Apama team. But I’m not one to dwell on the past; I’m much more inclined to envision what lies ahead. Opportunities, no matter how great or small are often the beginning of grand enterprises and I find that exciting and invigorating.

I first met Leonid Frants, President and Founder of OneMarketData about 2 years ago. As Chief Architect at Apama, I was always on the hunt for complementary technology to the Apama CEP platform. The OneTick™ tick database fit the bill in what was a clear requirement in the market, the demand for seamless integration of live and historical data in the trading world.  I have been involved in building enterprise commercial software for many years and I can recognize a first-class product pretty quickly, and that is exactly what I witnessed when Leonid first introduced me to OneMarketData and OneTick.

There is a clear and definitive synergy with blending the present with the past. Quantitative Analysts know this all to well. The qualitative performance of algorithmic trading strategies must be substantiated, validated and designed to be attuned to ever changing conditions in order to gain an advantage in today’s streamlined market where the difference between the winners and losers is measured on arazor’s edge. Something that can only be accomplished by leveraging the historic market.   Adam Honorè of the Aite Group earlier this year published a report where he elaborates on the harmonious nature of real-time and historic data with proof points coming from industry trends and customer usage. For instance, a high percentage of firms are simultaneously using real-time and historical market data concurrently in their trading strategies.

The challenge is how designers of trading strategies can leverage technology without getting mired in a technical quagmire causing them spiral off tangentially into techno-babble and away from their desired goal – the pursuit of profitable trading strategies.    Most CEP platforms used for strategy development, while providing connectivity to live markets and historic data do so in completely different and incompatible ways.  All too often I’ve witnessed the development and deployment of these systems grind hopelessly to a halt due to this incompatibility.  Traders and Quants shouldn’t have to devise their own integration for what clearly should be inherent in the core platform. Their focus should be building algos, anything that detracts from that goal ultimately results in lost time, effort and money.

This is where OneMarketData steps to the fore, with their strong pedigree in Capital Markets they recognized that a single platform offering connectivity to live markets, ultra high performing tick data capture and replay, analytics and a CEP engine all in a unified platform from a single vendor is a game changer. And it has resonated with recent customer wins of Credit SuisseMapleRidge, Jefferies and Instinet all drawn to OneMarketData for its standard CEP engine and high performance database.

I joined OneMarketData because of the opportunity to both contribute and lead what I call a Singularity of Vision. OneMarketData is focused on delivering market leading technology to the financial sector. Everyone is aligned to that single purpose from the management team to sales and engineering. Whether it’s in the core OneTick platform or the vertical solutions we’ve got planned. The focus is on delivering game changing value to Capital Markets customers.  So my new beginning starts today, I look forward to the challenge and opportunity to make a game changing difference at OneMarketData.

Once again thanks for reading.

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About Louis Lovas

Director of Solutions, OneMarketData, with over 20 years of experience in developing cutting edge solutions and a leading voice in technology and trends in the Capital Markets industry.
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2 Responses to Why I joined OneMarketData

  1. Andy Menzies says:

    Congrats on your new job Louis – normally 18 years of Progress would render you unemployable ! Interested to know why you didn’t package ObjectStore with Apama given your obvious support for bringing two technologies together as one. My vote would be to have a best of breed approach and support multiple tick store technologies, KX, Vhayu and of course OneTick – in fact I believe StreamBase and OneTick co-exist at CMC Markets, one of our joint customers ….

    Looking forward to having you folks help build the market – good luck and best wishes.

  2. Louis Lovas says:

    Thanks Andy. Yeah, I was at Progress a long time, did not seem that long really. While my paycheck came from the same place, in reality I had about 5 distinct jobs in that time period, I may as well have been at 5 different companies. As such it’s given me a broad perspective on the industry and provided me a means to honed my skills.

    For a while we did package ObjectStore with Apama, but decided in the end to remove it – lots of reasons for the decision. Not sure they were all on the mark. The whole of CEP and tick data is greater than the sum of the parts. I’ve known that for a long time. No matter for P, they’ve ventured off in another direction.

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