In Pluribus Unum

Here in the USA if you take a close look at that change jingling in your pocket you’ll see a familiar latin phrase, e pluribus unum.  Every school kid learns that phrase early on,  it’s printed on all US currency. Translated it means “many uniting into one”,  emblematic of the union of states, cultures and it’s people.

There is another very similar latin phrase, In pluribus unum.
Translated it means “from the many – one”, symbolizing one rises above the many.  Of course a profoundly different meaning, and it’s one that represents how the OneTick product stacks up against the competition.  Most CEP and database products are distinctly built as general-purpose technology. Application builders using these platforms quickly run smack into the least common denominator sacrifices these products suffer from and that cause no end of headache. How do I seamlessly plumb in a database, where are the analytical functions I need?  In reality, I can’t blame most vendors for this generic model, they are trying to serve a multitude of masters across a spectrum of business domains.  However, the opposing forces inherent in this servitude cause no end of churn on a vendor’s product direction.

This is where the OneTick CEP and tick database product differs. Built from the ground up as a platform for the Capital Markets sector it’s a high performance tick capture and CEP engine. Query and analytical logic whether used for quantitative research or trading systems can leverage historic and real-time market data as a single semantic. The transition of where one ends and the other begins is the responsibility not of your strategy but of the OneTick engine. Thus allowing a strategy’s logic to clearly focus on its goal, no generic code here. Whether that’s simply for getting yesterday’s closing prices, a one month volume curve or other analytic calculations that need to ‘prime the pump’ with historic data for the trading day they can be queried and blended with real-time.

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About Louis Lovas

Director of Solutions, OneMarketData, with over 20 years of experience in developing cutting edge solutions and a leading voice in technology and trends in the Capital Markets industry.
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