Scottrade Goes Full Thottle with OneTick

Some firms just understand the notion of Full Throttle. When your view is global across the Equities and Options markets you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of instrument names and millions of messages. Options trading is on a record pace to reach 4.2 billion contracts in 2011. This massive volume of Big Data pushes the boundaries of ordinary technology and it has become increasingly vital for firms to recognize vendor solutions that can race to the front in this full throttle world.

Scottrade Inc. a premiere on-line investment firm, retail brokerage and a household name in online trading has chosen OneTick the leading tick data management solution to power their award-winning trading platform. Scottrade offers online investing in stocks, options, mutual funds, IRAs, fixed income and a whole lot more.  Onetick’s high performance tick database and integrated Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine blend historical and real-time market data for maximum speed and functionality. Combined with a large library of high-precision time series analytics proving time and again why firms such as Scottrade chose OneTick.  The trading lifecyle begins and ends with data, that includes historical data, live market data and corporate action reference data.  With OneTick’s ability to capture, store, reference and analyze markets, firms can devote valuable time and resources to research and trading tasks and not processing and programming.   OneTick is a solution rooted in the blending of high-performance historical database and real-time Complex Event Processing. These two paradigms fused together provide the basis for next-generation quantative research and trade decision modeling.

Tis the season for racing and its Full Throttle with OneTick.  To learn more why Scottrade and other major firms like Tudor Investments, Société Générale, and countless brokers, investment banks, hedge funds, prop shops and market places have chosen OneTick. Download one of our many webinars, whitepapers or watch a short video introduction.

OneTick is an enterprise solution capable of capturing, storing and analysing market data across any asset class even the massive OPRA feed for conducting research, strategy backtesting, building trading solutions and conducting transaction costing and slippage analysis whether against individual instruments, indices or whole portfolios.

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Louis Lovas

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Director of Solutions, OneMarketData, with over 20 years of experience in developing cutting edge solutions and a leading voice in technology and trends in the Capital Markets industry.
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