OneTick is awarded Best Buy-Side CEP Product

The cornerstone of any product is recognizing the right mix of technology that provides the capabilities and features that resonant with the market and fit the needs of customer’s requirements like a hand in a glove. Over the course of the past year OneMarketData’s resonating validation of this has been the public announcement of numerous client wins including large firms like the hedge fund Tudor Investments and global investment banks the likes of Société Générale. But also smaller firms like the startup fund Galium Capital and the new Options exchange Miami International. Additionally numerous universities are using the OneTick product in their financial engineering curriculum for their faculty and graduate research studies. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg in what is shaping up to be a banner year culminated by the Buy-Side Technology award for Best Complex Event Processing (CEP) product.

The judging criterion for this award is to outline the essential characteristics, achievements and innovation that place the product ahead of the competition. OneTick is technology designed solely to serve the financial industry as an integrated solution, a single source for tick data management and analytics that spans the past, the present and future for historical and real-time marketdata. One that  stretches out across the well-known assets classes of equities, futures & options, commodities and currencies but also a platform that can dig deep into the esoteric; treasures, mortgaged backed securities and sovereign bonds just to name a few.

Financial data is the quintessential definition of Big Data. But without a doubt the most important aspect is accuracy. Mid-year, 2011 we launched the big data product OneQuantData. Leveraging the OneTick high performance database, OneQuantData is designed for trade modeling, beta indicators, mark-to-market calculations and numerous other use cases where the value of clean and accurate closing prices and reference data is imperative for quantitative research and portfolio management. Pushing the limits of creative innovation for real-time analytics, high performance capture & query and accurate reference data yields an award winning combination.

Recent predictions from industry groups are expecting U.S. equity options volume to double over the next 12 months.  The Options Market Reporting Authority otherwise known as OPRA has seen data volumes on a steady annual increase of nearly 40%, peaking at 1.5 million messages per second at year end 2010.  The advent of new Options products and new Exchanges such as Miami International Securities Exchange (MIAX) will push the boundaries of technology. It’s imperative for exchanges and trading firms, even retail venues such as Scottrade to partner with the right vendors like OneTick who have developed effective high-performing technology to handle the fire-hose of market data that is the Options market.

Focused on providing buy-side and sell-side customers with the best solutions to meet their high frequency & quantitative trading and risk management needs, OneTick provides a single solution that:

a) crosses all asset classes
b) is an encompassing technology platform for trade decision modeling and costing analysis blending historic and real-time prices and execution data
c) provides a fully integrated Big Data repository of accurate closing prices and reference data

OneMarketData provides customers with the tools, technology and data to leverage their own creative innovation and human capital.

Once again thanks for reading.
Louis Lovas

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About Louis Lovas

Director of Solutions, OneMarketData, with over 20 years of experience in developing cutting edge solutions and a leading voice in technology and trends in the Capital Markets industry.
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