SIX Financial, LINZ AG and Oxford University find a Diamond in OneTick

Some firms have the ability to recognize enormous value in an instant, those things that can provide tremendous business benefit and bottom-line profitability.  The fiercely competitive trading industry is a place where the right technology and solutions can mean the difference between success and failure. Achieving that bottom line profit margin when faced with increasing competition, thinner margins and a lower risk appetite is every firm’s goal, ultimately to be successful in outpacing the market.

This week we announced three new clients across a broad spectrum of use cases. They highlight that enormous value inherent within OneTick as a financial solutions platform for tick data management – both deep history and real-time CEP targeting quantitative research, trade decision modeling, transaction cost analysis and surveillance.

SIX Financial (which just renamed themselves from SIX Telekurs) one of Europe’s largest information and marketplace providers has centralized all global tick data on the OneTick platform. SIX defines the quintessential notion of Big Data in Finance with market data and information from all the world’s major trading venues. They are effectively collecting every tick in the world – which amounts to more than 9 million financial instruments captured, stored and analyzed in OneTick. SIX clearly recognized their Big Data problem and found the answer in OneTick, which will give their users the ability to link across these disparate data sets to tease out intelligible answers, to find a diamond from a mountain of coal.

LINZ AG is in the energy markets. Their use of OneTick extends from TCA and real-time surveillance to backtesting models. LINZ recognized the tremendous value of OneTick and the ability to leverage their existing investment in “R” and MATLAB, two highly regarding mathematical libraries which are seamlessly integrated into OneTick query modeling.

Oxford University and the data lab at the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance will be powered by OneTick. The university’s data lab provides a setting for faculty and students to experience a real-world trading environment. One where they can design, build and test new strategies and conduct in-depth market and economic research. Researchers at the Institute can carry out work on market volatility, hedge fund liquidity, credit default and systemic risk and are pioneers in computational techniques and new mathematics to optimize portfolios. Oxford joins the growing ranks of universities across North American, Europe and Asia that leverage OneTick to educate and groom the next generation of quantitative analysts, economists, even future regulators and prepare them for eventual leadership roles in the financial marketplace.

OneTick is an enterprise solution capable of capturing, storing and analyzing Big Data across any asset class even the massive Options OPRA feed, that 4 million message per second fire hose. Across the world’s financial centers countless firms ranging from marketplace data solutions providers like SIX Financial, sell side institutions like Société Générale, quantitative trading firms like Linz AG and prestigious universities of Oxford‘s caliber have recognized the broad and in-depth value of OneTick. Whether researching market microstructure or empirical finance, devising new quantitative trade models across the varied landscape of today’s cross border/cross asset  environment or working in the different aspects of high-frequency, stochastic and fragmented markets. OneTick is the total solution for optimizing trading decisions and discovering that diamond from within the Big Data Mountain.

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Louis Lovas

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