OneTick at TradeTech 2012

Trade Tech London 2012 the major technology fair for Capital Markets was a successful event for OneMarketData, as it has been over the past few years. We look forward to our annual booth-duty, catching up with old friends, past colleagues and meeting new acquaintances. This year was particularly eventful since we had big news with the announcement of major client wins. OneTick continues to be the platform of choice for global financial marketplace providers, university researchers and the quantitative trading community.

OneTick Differentiators
There are a number of significant factors behind why firms choose OneTick.  We effectively bridge the divide between historical market analysis and realtime trade modeling. OneTick can model index arbitrage against the highly fragmented equity markets in real-time or against years of historical data. It easily incorporates the R language to conduct linear regression price predictions. And OneTick can perform backtest studies of Futures contracts to optimize returns. These are just a few of the countless use-cases from firms across the industry who leverage OneTick for a profitable competitive edge.

OneTick is a platform incorporating a high performance massively scalable tick database designed for financial Big Data together with a complex event processing (CEP) engine tuned to consume even the largest fire hose of real-time markets – Options, currently peaking at 4 million ticks per second.  Hear OneTick’s VP of Sales, Richard Chmiel discuss this in more detail in the adjoining video link.

Latest Developments at OneTick
Research is the cornerstone of technological change and innovation. It is the process by which scientists investigate and dig deep into Big Data to yield conclusions – sometimes an ascribed hypothesis of some phenomena in pursuit of the facts, or often a stated theory as the explanation of the facts. 

University faculty and graduate students in numerous business schools and financial mathematics departments are using OneTick to understand the multitude of factors that influence the markets, both its successes and failures. Whether it’s high frequency trading or the Fed’s macroeconomic policy decisions they look to discover hard evidence, not mere opinion or conjecture. Oxford University joins a growing number of academic institutions including Columbia, Stevens Institute of Technology, Rotterdam School of Management and many other schools in the search for what forces shape the global markets and they are doing that with OneTick.

Financial Big Data continues its global exponential growth.  The Options market continues to reach new highs every month as reported by the Financial Information Forum.  Currencies, the world’s largest market has grown by 28% over the past three years, reaching $4 trillion daily turnover in 2011.  SIX Financial (Telekurs) the Zurich-based firm in the data services provisioning business is focused on delivering on the value of Big Data in finance – accuracy, reliability and timeliness for all the world’s major trading venues with OneTick.

Quantitative trading is a battleground where firms demand the best tools to outmaneuver the competition.  Analyzing markets, both deep history and the latest tick to devise new alpha models and trade costs means the difference between success and failure. LINZ AG is one of those quant firms achieving an edge with OneTick in the futures market. “With competition in the futures market getting tougher each day, we needed a data management solution that provides an edge over other industry players,” said Christoph Walchhofer, Division Manager of LINZ AG.

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Louis Lovas

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