OneTickCLOUD, Managed Services across Global Markets

The seduction of low-cost yet massive compute power creates overwhelming interest in cloud technology. Momentum is building fast within the trading and investment business to benefit from the $18B cloud computing industry.  In a survey conducted by OneMarketData respondents overwhelmingly look to avail themselves of all that cloud offers.  Over 77 percent expect to jump headlong into cloud platforms. The allure of cloud computing is lower technology costs and improved profitability that comes from the enhanced capabilities enabled by greater compute power and access to a store house of deep market history. Quant research for alpha discovery, algo development and back-testing are all augmented by what the cloud can immediately dish up.

A key characteristic of the cloud is rapid elasticity which offers scalable compute power and voluminous storage providing immediate access to deep market history. Such pay-as-you-go scalability defines a new archetype for the front-office trade lifecycle chain.

OneMarketData has recognized this technological shift to embrace cloud computing. For that, the launch of the new OneTickCLOUD™ is now on-line.

OneTickCLOUD is a securely-hosted managed data and analytics service supporting global equities and futures tick history, reference data, and adjustment factors. It offers a suite of pre-defined analytics and tooling for your own custom personalized analytics.  Web access is on-demand for flexible and convenient access when you want it.

OneTickCLOUD enables users to focus exclusively on their analytics and eliminate the challenges associated with data collection, alignment and extraction.  No local hardware, software or data licenses are necessary. You have immediate access to 5 years of tick history, 20 years of end-of-day along with real time collection from US Equities and Futures markets. Outside the US over 10 years of tick data is available from over 120 global markets, including market depth.

Knowing a one-size does not fit all, OneTickCLOUD offers personalized access to suite your requirements for content and analytics. The tree-tiered offering is outlined in this Product Matrix.

A move towards cloud signals a fundamental shift in how we handle information. Financial firms will move first with data-heavy decision-support functions – model back-testing, quantitative research and transaction cost analysis. The days of cloud-as-a-fad are over. It’s a game-changer promising a major paradigm shift in business initiatives with its vast computational power, storage and a wide variety of application solutions at a lower cost structure. OneTickCLOUD delivers on that promise.

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Louis Lovas

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Director of Solutions, OneMarketData, with over 20 years of experience in developing cutting edge solutions and a leading voice in technology and trends in the Capital Markets industry.
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