Using the cloud to reduce complexity and lower costs for accessing and analyzing tick data

It’s easy to talk about utilizing market data to improve your business, but the mechanics of actually acquiring high quality, normalized, cleansed data in the format that you need have always posed a significant challenge – in human capital, IT infrastructure and managing a vast array of sources.

OneTickCloud takes the headaches out of sourcing tick data. In addition to lowering your costs, it increases your team’s decision-making effectiveness from the IT staff to quantitative analysts so they can focus on doing their real job – like backtesting trading algorithms, multi-factor model development, portfolio analysis, pre- and post-trade analysis, and TCA. On top of that, OneTickCloud provides a range of custom analytics tools from straightforward queries you can build in seconds from our web interface to complex, multi-dimensional queries utilizing the full power of OneTick analytics.

In this upcoming webinar, I will show you how OneMarketData’s expert data team has built a hosted cloud platform of cleansed, normalized market data from a variety of market centers and geographies all offered through our secure, high performance cloud platform. I will demonstrate how easy it is to build queries using our web-deployed user interface, and then how to invoke those queries for scheduled or immediate download.

OneTickCloud is an easy, fast, and cost-effective way to gain on-demand access to vast amounts of clean tick history and analytics using a zero footprint client. For more demanding analytical sophistication, the tools are available in the complete OneTick time-series tick database engine and query language.

Register Now:
DATE: Tuesday, June 9
TIME: 10:30AM New York / 3:30PM London

Once again thanks for reading.
Louis Lovas

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About Louis Lovas

Director of Solutions, OneMarketData, with over 20 years of experience in developing cutting edge solutions and a leading voice in technology and trends in the Capital Markets industry.
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