OneMarketData enhances OneTick Cloud global content platform with Tick Data, Inc.

OneMarketData has acquired Virginia-based Tick Data Inc., a trusted and leading provider of historical intraday exchange time series data. Tick Data Inc. will be a wholly owned subsidiary of OneMarketData and will continue to operate from their Virginia offices under the current management team.

Data is the resource for better trade decisions, better cost controls and improving compliance and surveillance. As a consequence, key factors emerge for large-scale data management.  Those include infrastructure, data quality and timely access.  This acquisition is focused on enhancing the OneTick Cloud platform:

–   Tick Data enables OneMarketData to expand and expedite our Cloud Solutions platform, which provides the market with a broad set of Data and Analytics

–   The Tick Data, Inc. acquistion allows OneMarketData to expand the content platform to address the $1.5B market opportunity

–  OneMarketData has seen a significant interest in our OneTickCloud platform

–  OneTickCloud platform enables customers of Tick Data to greatly expand their ability to analyze exchange content, for backtesting, algo development, research and compliance

Learn more about this acquistion and how OneMarketData’s OneTickCloud and Tick Data’s content looks to address those challenges providing the tools and services for managing and analyzing data more effectively. Click here

OneTickCloud leverages the capabilities of OneTick to offer the analysis of cleansed, normalized history across domestic and international markets.  OneTick is a leading solution for managing market data – its capture, storage and analysis for use in quantitative research, back-testing, TCA, trade surveillance and many other areas in the trade life cycle.

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Louis Lovas

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