The evolution of OneTickCloud

OneTickCloud is the industry’s premier solution for on-demand access to global tick data and analytics. Deployed in a secure data center, OneTickCloud provides firms the ability to aggregate, normalize and analyze large volumes of data, including Morningstar global tick data, using OneMarketData’s market-leading enterprise data management software, OneTick.

OneTick Cloud is a managed service of normalized and cleansed exchange and OTC data and analytics to support backtesting, algo development, transaction cost analysis, technical studies and charting applications.

OneTick Cloud is a securely hosted service providing managed data and analytics across global equities and futures tick history, with on-demand analytics tools for creating custom datasets.

OneTick provides you 10 years of normalized tick data for US Markets, 45 years of end-of-day data for US equities, 8 years of corporate actions data, and a trove of real-time and historical data from over 120 global markets.

OneTickCloud is accessible over the internet with JSON or CSV formatted extracts. Access the Data by FTP, by Web API or through the OneTick GUI. It offers a subset of the most powerful data analytics available in our OneTick software platform.

A year after its 2015 release, join us as we discuss how the service has grown and matured in our September 29th webinar, “The Evolution of OneTickCloud.”

Microsoft PowerPoint - OTC_Draft.pptx


In this webinar, OneMarketData’s Louis Lovas and Jeff Banker will provide an overview of their company and its powerful hosted solutions. DASH Financial’s Ben Locke will then provide insight into the OneTickCloud customer experience, and how his team has utilized the product.

OneTickCloud Architecture includes Web Queries, Web On-Demand, Web Scheduled Queries and Desktop OneTick. Join our webinar on September 29 for more details on what OneTickCloud can do, and what it can do for you!




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